Diversity and Inclusion by Jenny Hoobler

Jenny Hoobler was interviewed by Líder Magazine on the topics of diversity and inclusion, work and family. She stated that “diversity and inclusion are everyone's responsibility” and that “the mistakes of the past tell us that not focusing on diversity does not lead to diversity”.

Interview to Mami Umayahara, Team Leader of Technical Support team at the Global and SDG Coordination Department, UNESCO

This interview was held, by five students in the following of Global Impact Mindset: UN SDG Module of NOVA SBE. The purpose of this interview is to know concrete actions led by UNESCO to contribute to SDG #4, Quality education for everyone.

“In a country where only 20% of the poor have a job, it is a priority to improve working conditions, which does not only involve raising wages.”

Ricardo Zózimo in an interview with Rádio Renascença talked about the priorities that should be included in the next State Budget, in the light of what the Pope proposes.

Meet Inês Freire de Andrade, an Impactful Alumni from Nova SBE and her project No Bully Portugal!

Inês Freire de Andrade is an impactful alumni of Nova SBE who is founded NoBully Portugal! Read this interview to know her career as well as her impactful project that already reached many young people in Portugal!

Refugees: In desperate need

Cátia Batista, scientific director of Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, was invited by SIC Notícias to express her opinion on the irregular migration to Portugal.

Conversas com Impacto Podcast - with Luís Veiga Martins

Luís Veiga Martins participated in a recently launched Podcast - Conversas com Impacto [Conversations with Impact] to talk about Nova SBE's comprehensive and sustainable vision of business and economics, with a strong commitment to walk the talk, through the implementation of impact projects at various levels.

Fleeing migrants. "These people are desperate"

Cátia Batista, scientific director of the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, calls for policies to welcome and integrate migrants.

ECONOMY: Will my work be replaced by a machine?

Cátia Batista speaks from different perspectives and mentions opportunities, showing Hugo van der Ding the most positive side of all this technological acceleration. Hugo is the moderator of Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation's Podcast: (IN)Pertinente.

Meeting Tiago Araújo, HiJiffy CEO

Nova SBE student interviewed Tiago Araújo, in the quest to explore impactful companies that were leading the way for innovation and new sustainability trends among several business sectors.

The need for personal and professional life balance

In an interview with Pontos de Vista, Silvia Rodriguez speaks about her leadership journey and the importance of finding a balance between personal and professional life, integrating fulfilling and meaningful projects, and embracing a journey of continuous growth and development.

Introducing the Nova Sustainable Way of Life: exclusive interview with Michael Parkes

Read the exclusive interview with Michael Parkes, CEO & Founder of Bios, where he talked about his innovative startup and how it uses energy and low carbon technologies for building integrated operating systems, how the collaboration with Nova SBE came about, and how decisive it can be to integrate innovative sustainable technologies to ensure responsible consumption and production.

Interview with Salvador Mendes de Almeida

Nova SBE Professor, journalist and author, Laurinda Alves interviews Salvador Mendes de Almeida, founder of Associação Salvador, to get to know his impactful story. In this inspiring conversation, we understand how did Salvador find his Role to Play towards building a more inclusive society for all and continues to regardless of the challenges caused by the pandemic.

Interview with Maren Keßler, team lead at Nova Leadership for Impact Student Club

Maren Kessler talks about her experience and challenges as a Leadership for Impact Project Team Lead.

Purpose takeover: António Bello

27 years old. Co-founder of Just a Change, a non-profit association that rebuilds homes of people in need in Portugal. Just a Change is family owned and operated business. Just a Change has rebuilt hundreds of houses and institutions, having mobilized thousands of volunteers inside and outside the country.

Purpose takeover: Carolina Duarte

Take a break and meet the Olympic sprinter Carolina Duarte. Carolina has incredible strength. She has 10% useful vision, but she is a 100% champion. If you think you can't overcome your limitations, then come and listen to Carolina and reflect. Be inspired. Find your purpose.

Introducing the Nova Sustainable Way of Life: exclusive interview with Luís Veiga Martins

Nova SBE's Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Sustainable Impact & Chief Sustainability Officer was recently interviewed, and talked about our partnership with TOMRA and School's commitment and journey towards sustainability.

Purpose takeover: João Brites

Sustainability professional, economist, investor and entrepreneur with 10+ years' experience in enabling sustainable development through the power of data, technology and collaboration. Recognized by the World Economic Forum, Virgin Group, Red Cross, Ashoka, and the British Council as a leading young global changemaker.

Purpose takeover: Pedro Tânger

Pedro practiced law for three years, but his passion for martial arts took him another way: to use his strength to empower others.

Purpose takeover: Francisco Guimarães

One of the youngest Football Coaches in the world. He started at 15. He is a leader. Be inspired. Find your purpose.

The effects of economic crisis on young people

Ana Balcão Reis, scientific director of Nova SBE Economics for Education Knowledge Center, was in Fronteiras XXI program (RTP/Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos) to express her views on the young people born in the 1980s, who were caught by two economic crisis.

Development economics job market talks

The NOVAFRICA knowledge center presents a new series of podcasts interviewing economics job candidates working on development economics in Africa. A podcast coordinated by Professor Alex Armand from NOVAFRICA and Nova School of Business and Economics.

Introducing the Nova Sustainable Way of Life: exclusive interview with Thomas Morgensten

Thomas Morgenstern, Vice president for Governmental Affairs Europe & Central Asia of TOMRA group, tell us about their ambition to be among the leaders of the resource revolution, which aims to replace the present system based on consumption and waste instead of the recovery of resources. Hear all about the reverse vending and smart solutions for a better tomorrow!

The Refugee’s Dilemma – Jewish Outmigration from Nazi Germany

Under the theme of Economic Development in Africa, the NOVAFRICA @ Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers. This seminar invited Mathias Thoening, Lausanne University.

NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks

These series of audio talks about development in Africa bring together experts from a wide range of institutions. Alex Armand, resident member of Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center and Assistant Professor.