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February 17, 2022

Interview with Joana Lé - Vice President of The Nova Leadership for Impact Student Club

How is being involved in LFI SC?

Being part of this club has been a challenging but rewarding experience.

Because I took part in this project since the beginning, I am now able to look backand feel proud of all the work that has been accomplished. Although the clubstarted quite recently, it is already working on super interesting and impactfulprojects!

Apart from this, I had the chance to grow as well. Since day one, I have received allthe necessary tools to succeed and improve myself, which has allowed me to leavemy comfort zone and learn many great things.

What do you do in your role position?

As the External Vice-President, I am responsible for communicating with outsideentities, such as the Leadership for Impact Knowledge Centre, and also for managing the Marketing and Strategy departments.

What is your main goal to achieve as part of the LFI SC board?

The LFI Student Club is still a very recent project and so, there is still room forgrowth. My main goal, for now, is to make sure that everything is running smoothlyand that the club is ready to grow.

What is the most challenging thing during the semester?

I think that the recruitment process can be quite stressful and time-consuming, as it requires a lot of previousplanning and availability to conduct interviews. However, it’s also one of my favourite parts of the semester,particularly the interviews, where I get to meet ambitious students that are looking for new challenges. It’s meansthat we are about to start a new period in the club: new students, new projects, new challenges! And knowing thatthis step has a great impact on the whole work conducted throughout the semester is what makes it so exciting.

If you could define the LFI SC in a word what would be and why?

Probably impact, as every member of the LFI Student Club works towards creating a positive impact on the civilsociety sector in many different ways.

What is the main difference between LFI SC and Nova Social Consulting?

Both the LFI Student Club and NSC work in the civil society sector. However, the angle with which we do it isdifferent, as the NSC works one-to-one - meaning that is focuses on individual organizations (micro approach),while we work the sector as a whole (macro approach). Our focus is on building knowledge about the sector,disseminating good practices and promoting initiatives that promote synergies between various agents of thesocial ecosystem.

Why should people join the club?

This club is for students that wish to learn more about the civil society sector while working in a friendly and flexibleenvironment. We wish to stand out from other clubs, not only for what we work on, but also for how we work. Inthe LFI Student Club, we have challenging projects for our members, but we always highlight the fact that we wantto listen to our members: if they have a project or an idea that could be implemented in the club, they areincentivized to speak up. We intend to be as inclusive as we can and give everyone the opportunity to createimpact, whether it is working in a project, or in a department or by giving their own ideas.

My experience in the LFI Student Club has been extremely positive so far and I would recommend every Nova SBEstudent that interested in this sector to join us.

Joana Lé

Joana Lé

Joana Lé is a Nova SBE student.

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