Nova SBE challenges everyone to have a significant contribution to the 17 SDGs and play a vital role in improving life in a sustainable manner for people, societies, and the planet. We aim to redouble our efforts to support local action and innovation, strengthen institutions, and strive for sustainable development by raising awareness on local and global challenges and promoting understanding by sharing know-how and practices.

If you are part of the Nova SBE community (students, alumni, faculty, researchers, staff, corporate andnon-corporate partners) and would like to play a fundamental role and contribute, please find the criteria below that we will be looking at when curating content. If you have any questions regarding the information we listed, please contact If you are not part of our community and would like to contribute, please do so via the same submission links, identifying yourself accordingly.

Here, you will find five different ways your ideas can flourish, dialogue can be enhanced, and action can take place. Whether through an opinion article, an interview, a podcast, a project or by sharing your impactful story, you can choose one or all five, and Nova SBE willbe there to support you all the way and guarantee tangible change.

I would like to get involved and contribute

Opinion Articles, Webinars & Interviews


Show evidence that you know your subject deeply through referring to secondary research, describing relevant examples, and/or sharing relevant data.


All entries must clarify how the article can strengthen the kinds of leaders the world demands nowadays. The argument we will share shall intertwine both sustainability-minded expertise and best practices to promote similar or new ideas that can be applied by organizations and/or individuals.


Meaningful communication is central. Our goal is to always be relevant and useful, as well as inspiring and challenging. Capture your readers’ interest.



Role to Play is the space to activate ideas that help addressing thechallenges of humanity. Here, your ideas can flourish, as we will guide youthrough how Nova SBE can better support your project.


In addition, Role to Play is the place for members of the network toshare sustainability-related projects that can attract the interest of whovisits this platform. It aims to create synergies with one another.

Impactful stories


This is where we celebrate our community's efforts and real-lifeexperiences. The story of impact we want to tell is yours, and thus, only youcan share what you have learned throughout the process.

How did you contribute/ are contributing to the SDGs? How can thatinspire others to unravel their purpose? Please don't forget to make theconnection between your story and any leadership skills you have come toembrace and why.

Research Insights


We are determined to provide research and analysis in business and economics that offer public and private organizations actionable solutions and cutting-edge thinking to address the challenges of humanity.

We are counting on our faculty, researchers, and PhD students to share their knowledge and showcase how they strive to find exceptional solutions for societal challenges.

Please submit your research and tell us how it is pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and we'll assess how we can better support you.



Ourcommunity is always updated and we know how podcasts became a tool to inform anddisseminate knowledge and experiences. If you are sharing any informationrelated with the Sustainable Development Goals or with any impactful action inour society, please let us help you to disseminate your work!