We all have a role to play

Our role is to empower our community to address humanity's challenges.

With less than ten years to go, an ambitious global effort is under way to deliver the 2030 promise. We want to take a stand and we are calling on our community to showcase how they are contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, whilst influencing more and more people to unravel their role to play.

We all have a role to play, and this is your way in.

What is your role?

We know how much potential each member of our community has. From staff to researchers, from corporate to non-profit organizations. Whether you are producing relevant research, an idea that could be turned into an impactful project, or you're becoming an expert in a sustainability-related field. We want to help you discover your purpose and share it.

We are committed to every single person, and your voice can make a difference. Join us and help us inspire tangible change!

Knowledge that impacts the world

Contribute with a research insight

Academic knowledge isfundamental for a well-managed transition to sustainable development.

Nova SBE seeks to provide research and analysis in the fields of business andeconomics that offer public and private organizations actionable solutions andcutting-edge thinking to address humanity's challenges.

If you are faculty member, a researcher, or a PhD student andyou would like to disseminate your knowledge to society, please reach out tous. We'll assess how we can better support you.

We believe change is unstoppable

Contribute with an opinion article

One of the most important ways to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals' targets is to clarify what they mean to different private and public organizations' strategies, operations, orbusiness models.

One of the most important ways to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals' targets is to clarify what they mean to different private and public organizations'strategies, operations, or business models.

Nova SBE intends to build on our community expertise to share disruptive innovation,sustainability-led know-how, and best practices.

If you are a Nova SBE alumni or a representative of a corporate or non-corporate partner, an expert in the sustainability field, and interested in sharing your perspective and actions, please reach out. We'll assess how we can better support you.

Space where ideas can flourish

Contribute with an impactful project

We want to be part of the solution. These are the ideas that became impactful projects. These are long-lasting synergies that reflect our community engagement ecosystem.

Nova SBE is focused on developing multi-stakeholder initiatives that foster organizational transformation until inclusive and sustainable societies are the norm.

Whether you want toget involved in the existing initiatives, launch your idea, or communicate your project, this is the space for you! Please reach out, and we'll assess how we can better support you.

Celebrating those who strive to be better

Contribute with an impactful story

Measuring impact is extremely difficult, but one indicator we are focused on is the number of active and engaged citizens that our community has worldwide. Role to Play is collecting stories of impact that showcase our community's efforts and real-life experiences that contribute to the SDGs.

Nova SBE aims that its community owns, acts upon, and disseminates our impact-driven culture: We all have a role to play.

If you are part of the community, let everyone know what you've been doing. Your role to play may inspire and unravel others.