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TEDx are TED-like events organized, planned and designed by independent entities, as universities. These TEDx events are shared with local communities and commonly respect TED mission to spread worthy ideas, anytime and anywhere.
November 16, 2022
17. Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development


The first TEDxNOVA was a day full of inspiration, exchange and ideas worth sharing. 7 excellent speakers presented their insights from diverse fields like education, biopharma, design, photography, psychology, sports and leadership.

Inspiring conference run by and for passionate people at NOVA dedicated to generating ideas worth spreading.

🎯 TEDxNOVA Vision
TEDxNOVA aims to create an innovative environment with unexpected ideas by increasing exchange and co-creation between the nine faculties at Nova.


António Laureano, Big Wave Surfer from Portugal in 2020 he surfed a wave 30.9 meters high (world record!) with only 18 years old. (more information: surfertoday.com/surfing/antonio-laureano-surfed-the-100-foot-wave-in-nazare)

John B. Arden, author of 15 books (translated into over 20 languages), his work integrates new developments in a wide array of sciences including; neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, metabolism, and psychology.  Previously, he created one of the largest mental health training programs in the world.  He has presented in over 30 countries and all US States on the revolutionary changes in mental health treatment

Will Burard-Lucas, Wildlife Photographer, captures the rarest animals in the world, e.g., the black Leopard in Africa, (more information: blog.burrard-lucas.com

Miguel Herdade, NGOs primarily in the fields of educational disadvantage, social mobility, and social integration former student and professor at Nova, founder of the NGO Orquestra Geração, works with the UK Ambition Institute and Johnson's Academy (more information: linkedin.com/in/miguel-herdade/

Waad Al-Kateab, got pregnant in the middle of the Syrian war, fled with her daughter, and made a documentary ("For Sama") out of this. She has won numerous awards for the film including the "International Emmy". Nowadays, she's working as a journalist and does several initiatives such as "Action for Sama" (more information: actionforsama.com).

TEDx are TED-like events organized, planned and designed by independent entities, as universities. These TEDx events are shared with local communities and commonly respect TED mission to spread worthy ideas, anytime and anywhere.

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Aging at work: The interplay of resources and self-regulation strategies across the work lifespan

The aging of the population is considered one of the most significant challenges facing Europe. For organizations, the main impact is on how to maintain this increasingly age-diverse workforce healthy, productive and engaged over time. In her PhD tesis, Filipa Marques investigates how workers better adapt to work during the process of aging.

Purpose takeover: João Brites

Sustainability professional, economist, investor and entrepreneur with 10+ years' experience in enabling sustainable development through the power of data, technology and collaboration. Recognized by the World Economic Forum, Virgin Group, Red Cross, Ashoka, and the British Council as a leading young global changemaker.

Journey to Inclusion

The Journey specially designed to the companies that aim to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

"Elgar Introduction to Organizational Paradox Theory" - Book Launch!

This is the latest book by Miguel Pina e Cunha, co-authored with Marco Berti (UTS Business School), Ace Simpson (Brunel Business School) and Stewart R. Clegg (University of Stavanger Business School and Nova SBE). It will be released in July 2021 and comprises a succinct overview of the field of organizational paradox theory, exploring contradictions and tensions in organizational settings. By conceptually mapping the field, it offers guidance through the literature on paradox, giving space for new interpretations and applications of the concept.


Nova SBE at the Youth and Innovation Forum

Daniel Traça participated in the Youth and Innovation Forum at the United Nations Ocean Conference.

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