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December 16, 2020

Create and get involved in projects now!

Nova SBE Sustainability Hub joined Life at Nova to accelerate the development of a platform that materialized a call to action, where everyone in our community discovers where they can participate and have a meaningful impact.

This platform is embedded in this Role to Play platform in the bottom of the homepage and here. The platform will allow to measure the contribution of each member of Nova SBE community not only to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals but also to the development of a wide-range of skills and know-how.

Here, the community will be able to:

  • discover all the impact initiatives taking place
  • support the causes you believe in
  • flourish ideas, proposing your initiatives to the community
  • track the development of your skills, by track recording your activity
  • create your own “Global Commitment CV”, with measured contribution to the SDGs

If you are not part of our community, and you would like to get involved by proposing a new initiative, please reach out to us. Nova SBE is open to sustainable, inclusive and collaborative initiatives that can turn into positive impact solutions.

If you do not have an @novasbe.pt email and you would like to get access to this platform, please email us at roletoplay@novasbe.pt and we will help you.

Nova SBE Sustainability Hub

17. Partnerships for the goals
Leadership & People

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Leadership & People
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