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December 13, 2020

The Role of Technology, Financial Resources and Business Skills in Microenterprise Development in Mozambique

A collaborative effort with Carteira Móvel and the Central Bank of Mozambique.


This project aims to learn how mobile money can best increase the savings capacity of microenterprises and investigate how business skills affect the optimal management of savings for business development in Mozambique. To the best of our knowledge, this study will be the first to test for the relative importance, complementarity, and sustainability of low-cost interventions that leverage accessible technology to promote microenterprises development.


Using a 2×2 randomized control trial methodology, we will evaluate(1) the role of cell-phone technology (mobile money) in facilitating savings;(2) the impact of a financial training program aimed at assisting microenterprises to efficiently manage micro-savings and work towards achieving long-term self-declared business goals.


Principal Investigators:

Cátia Batista (Nova SBE)

Sandra Sequeira (LSE)

Pedro Vicente (Nova SBE)


Field Coordination:

Matilde Grácio

Rute Martins Caeiro 



Carteira Móvel

Central Bank of Mozambique


International Growth Center (IGC)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


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Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center

Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center

Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center operates since 2011. It is producing applied research on sub-Saharan Africa, where it has collaborated with a number of public authorities, private companies and local organizations.

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