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November 16, 2022
3. Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

Ensuring access to quality health and promoting well-being for all, at all ages

Over one century of Pharmaceutical Innovation - Incremental Innovation and Strategic repositioning of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA).

Not just only for your common headache! This century old product has an exciting story to tell about reinvention and staying relevant in today’s pharma market.

Introduced more than 120 years ago, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) is still today one of Bayer’s best-selling products (1). This success can be attributed to the continuous searching for incremental product innovations and strategic repositioning into new markets.

Over the product’s long history, the continuous investment on diverse incremental technological innovations (see Fig.1) has always been present. This effort promoted the resilience of the product in face of competition contributing to its solid market position (which remains nowadays).

Fig. 1:Innovations/strategic repositioning of ASA over the years versus Global salesof ASA (€ million). Ongoing research with ASA. Sources: (1), (2), (3), (4),(5), (6), (7), (8), (9)

The product has been improved throughout the years, for instance by reducing side effects, facilitating the ease of use, or being repositioned for new indications (see Fig.1).

ASA has been launched in 1901, in its classical tablet form, being one of the first medicines to be marketed in this dosage form (5) facilitating the dosage of the drug and reducing the risk for consumers (4). More than a century of continuous improvements and innovation leadership have followed. Those efforts have been translated in competitive advantages recognized by the consumers and were determinant to the long-lasting sustainability of the product. One example is the chewable ASA tablet that enabled to use the product where no water is available.

The repositioning of the product in 1993 to address new indications for heart attack prevention was an important move, with the Cardio segment representing today almost 40% of Aspirin sales (10). This move also opened the door to the appearance of other antiplatelets (e.g. Clopidogrel in 1998).

ASA was one of the first commonly used drugs and it is still one of the most researched drugs in the world, with an estimated 700 to 1,000 clinical trials conducted each year (11). Future new therapeutic indications might be for cancer prevention or bipolar disorder (7; 8; 9).

The successful history of ASA shows the importance to keep investing in technology to strengthen the brands combined with a strategic repositioning into new markets/indications based on a continuous attention to the insights coming from research and innovation efforts.


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Lígia Ernesto
Pharmacist | Affiliate Member at Nova SBE Health Economics & Management KC

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