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Constança Casquinho
Professor at Nova SBE
November 16, 2022
3. Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

Ensuring access to quality health and promoting well-being for all, at all ages

Mindfulness: a peaceful (r)evolution

Confinement and its sources of stress create a rare opportunity to dive deep into our minds towards freedom. Go from mindfully leading yourself to mindfully leading others.

Confinement and its sources of stress create a rare opportunity to dive deep into our minds towards freedom. Go from mindfully leading yourself to mindfully leading others.

Constança Casquinho
Professor at Nova SBE

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Using PROMs to evaluate care for people with chronic conditions

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) allow patients to report their health status before and after treatment and can be used to assess the quality of care. A number of countries collect PROMs from those with acute health problems and use this information in routine performance assessment. We address these challenges in our analysis of care delivered to patients with inflammatory chronic rheumatic disease in Portugal.

Health Literacy — The Value of Good, Timely, Evidence-based Information

In a life-threatening disease for which a cure is not yet discovered, knowledge about the most promising treatments and how to access them can be determinant for a patient’s life.

Measuring state medicaid home care participation and intensity using latent variables

Population aging and policies to redirect long-term care toward home- and community-based services have led to increases in Medicaid home care spending in most states. This study measures state Medicaid home care Participation and Intensity comprehensively using latent variables, and uses those latent variables to describe changes in Medicaid home care policy generosity over time and across states.

Childhood interventions: impacts on health, schooling, and socioeconomic outcomes

The first years of life are crucial for health and well-being throughout life’s course. During our childhood years, we are more malleable and receptive to external influence and this implies that there is an opportunity to promote the development of cognitive, social, and emotional skills.


The local-for-local open innovation platform Nestlé Hatcher

Our first series dedicated to impact in Africa end with this lively and exciting conversation between Professor Filipe Alfaiate and Mr. João Barreto, the Head of Innovation and PMO at Nestle, based in South Africa. They discussed impact journeys, the BOP market in Africa, opportunities and challenges and in particular, a very interesting local-for-local open innovation platform for all in Africa called Nestlé Hatcher that João designed and launched. Good learnings!

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