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November 16, 2022
12. Responsible consumption and production

12. Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

2. Zero hunger

Eradicate hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Meet Smriti Singh, a Nova SBE student, won the COLife Hackathon under the topic Future Food Challenge!

Learn more about the COLife Hackathon and the Future Food Challenge!

COLife, analliance of six life science research institutes, organized its first hackathondedicated to world food problems, and Smriti Sanjaykumar Singh, from NovaSchool of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) student, was one of the bigwinners.

Under the topic “Future Food Challenge”,COLife held its first hackathon, aimed at university students from differentareas of expertise, last March 27. Nova SBE student Smriti Sanjaykumar Singhwas one of the big winners by working, alongside her team, on a solution togrow crops in previously uncultivable areas with seawater using bacteria.

Find more about it here.



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Green Bonds' Premium & Sustainability-Linked Debt

Manuel Antunes explains why green bonds have a premium and what sustainability-linked debt is solving for.

A plastic island and habits with no turning back… or will they?

The evidence of a growing problem that we persisted in ignoring has led to the growth of several measures and initiatives for 18 months, which is starting to change the status quo. I am referring to marine litter.

Data-driven decision-making in the Portuguese Social Sector report

Under the Social Equity Initiative, promoted by “la Caixa” Foundation, Data Science Knowledge Center provides an overview of data-driven decision-making in the social sector in Portugal.

B Corp | “Impact Assessment Workshop”

The purpose of this event is to understand how B Corp assesses impact and to explore the process of becoming a certified B Corporation. You will have the opportunity to learn about examples of disruptive impact business models and to clarify any doubts you might have with the representative of B Corp in Portugal! This workshop is held by the Executive Director of B Corp Portugal, Luís Amado, and promoted by Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Student Club.


Zona de Impacto: Mentalities evolved; however, women are still discriminated in the job market. Why?

Statistics are known. Women have a higher qualification rate than men, but they receive less (for the same jobs) and are more precarious. When it is time to reach roles of responsibility, they have a harder life (and, as the companies get bigger, the worse it is). The topic is old, solutions take a long time to produce effects, and this worries the youth. Marta Everard and Rita Mendes, students at NovaSBE and members of the club Women on Board, explain how they perceive their labor’s future

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