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Dauda Fati, Mariana Inglês, Tomás Rodrigues and Marta Botelho
November 17, 2023
17. Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

1. No poverty

Eradicate poverty in all its forms everywhere

10. Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequalities within countries and between countries

Meet Guinanos @ Nova SBE!

Guinanos is a youth volunteer project created by students from Nova SBE that aims to improve the quality of the educational system in Guine-Bissau. The organization comprises two complementary approaches: work from Portugal (GPG) and fieldwork (Guinanos na Guiné).

About Guinanos:

Guinanos was created by three students from Nova SBE, Mariana Inglês, Tomás Rodrigues and Marta Botelho, who met each other in Missão País and decided to go even further with their passion of helping and being there for others. When they went for the first time to Guine-Bissau their main goal was to help in shools, with the kids and classes, to improve the Portuguese, English, and math education. After a life-changing experience, these students couldn´t come back to Portugal and ignore the fact that those people who connected with them still needed help in various dimensions. Consequently, with great passion and motivation, "Guinanos" was born.

Guinanos support community schools in three fronts:

- Firstly, supply and distribute school material (specially books) to schools, with the goal of assembling school libraries and building study spaces that will later serve not only teachers and students, but also the entire community (In 2022, 2 community libraries were built and +10k books were sent).

- After ensuring schools have access to the required material, Guinanos train teachers in both theoretical (Portuguese, Maths, Science, etc)and more practical development subjects (in the areas of Health Care, Professional Development, Management or Economics). Additionally, on the weekends, Community members are invited to participate in workshops such as: Maternal and child care, entrepreneurship, basic management concepts, Investment and Savings, the importance of women's in the society, among others.(In 2022, Guinanos reached +180 teachers &community members);

- Guinanos commitment to “teach fishing , ather than giving the fish”,implies no direct monetary help to schools. Nonetheless, the school’s properfunctioning - guaranteeing the minimum conditions and desired quality - ishighly dependent on some investment. Therefore, Guinanos have consulting teams fully dedicated to helping schools create value by leveraging existing resources and creating financing opportunities. The implemented consulting projects generate perpetual sources of revenue that ensure the long-term sustainability of schools, financial autonomy, and expansion of projects, always reinvesting in education. (In 2022, +6k € were generated, and one school building was built from the funds raised in the new policies);

- Their most recent project is the "Apadrinhamento".Portuguese families and companies sponsor education to Guinean students, foronly 20€/month. These top-students, picked by schools together with Guinanos,have proved to: have great potential and ambition to pursue university studies;be engaged with the community and the schools' extracurricular projects; havefinancial difficulties that would prevent them to study.

Guinanos is now composed by 54 people, from different backgrounds and universities,being approximately, 70% of the group are Nova SBE students, 20% Católica and 10% Técnico.

Dauda Fati, Mariana Inglês, Tomás Rodrigues and Marta Botelho

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