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Stewart Clegg
Researcher, External Collaborator
December 21, 2023
7. Affordable and clean energy

7. Affordable and clean energy

Ensuring access to sustainable and modern energy sources for all

Energy justice issues in renewable energy megaprojects: Implications for a socioeconomic evaluation of megaprojects

Click here to read Stewart Clegg, Shankar Sankaran, Ralf Müller, and Nathalie Drouin’s text published in the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate and discuss stakeholder issues faced by renewable energy megaprojects and in particular solar and wind power projects and their relevance to socioeconomic evaluation of megaprojects.

Design/methodology/approach – The paper uses secondary data collected from the recent literature published on stakeholder issues face by mega solar and wind power energy generation projects around the world. The issues are then analysed across specific challenges in five continents where these projects are being developed. The paper then focuses on the literature on energy justice to elaborate the type of issues being faced by renewable energy megaprojects contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Goal 7 and their impact on vulnerable communities where these projects are situated.

Findings – Renewable energy megaprojects are rarely discussed in the project management literature on megaprojects despite their size and importance in delivering sustainable development goals. While these projects provide social benefits they also create issues of justice due to their impact of vulnerable populations living is locations where these projects are situated. The justice issues faced include procedural justice, distributive justice, recognition inequalities. The type of justice issues was found to vary intensity in the developed, emerging and developing economies. It was found that nonprofit organisations are embarking on strategies to alleviate energy justice issues in innovative ways. It was also found that, in some instances, smaller local projects developed with community participation could actually contribute more equitable to the UN sustainable development goals avoiding the justice issues posed by mega renewable energy projects.

Research limitations/implications – The research uses secondary data due to which it is difficult to present a more comprehensive picture of stakeholder issues involving renewable energy megaprojects. The justice issues revealed through thesis paper with renewable energy megaprojects are also present in conventional megaprojects which have not been discussed in the project management literature. Post-COVID19 these justice issues are likely to become more prevalent due to the pandemic’s impact on vulnerable population exacerbating the issues and increasing their severity on these populations. Therefore it is becoming even more critical to take these into account while developing renewable energy megaprojects.

Practical implications – Proper identification and response to energy justice issues can help in alleviating stakeholder issues in renewable energy megaprojects.

You can read the publication here.

Stewart Clegg
Researcher, External Collaborator

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