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November 16, 2022
17. Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Who seeks reelection: local fiscal restraints and political selection

Which political incumbents are more likely to seek reelection? This paper analyzes the consequences of local fiscal autonomy with respect to political selection.


This paper analyzes the consequences of local fiscal autonomy with respect to political selection. We propose a model of political careers wherein the decisions to become candidates and to seek reelection are both endogenous. Private-sector aptitude and political ability are private information; the latter is revealed to the incumbent during her first period in office. We show that, following an unanticipated reduction in the returns from holding office, incumbents with high market ability are more likely to refrain from running for office again than their lower-ability counterparts. We test that prediction using an unexpected reduction in the upper bound of the municipal property tax rate, announced by Portugal’s prime minister in July 2008, just 15 months before the local elections. We rely on a comprehensive data set for all Portuguese mainland municipalities for the 2005 and 2009 elections, including the characteristics of the municipalities and individual mayors. We employ a difference-in-differences strategy to show that affected mayors—those who were forced to reduce the property tax rate, and thus faced a sharp tax revenue decline—are less likely to seek reelection. This effect is driven by high-professional-status incumbents.

Authors: Susana Peralta, João Pereira dos Santos

You can find the research article here.

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Two sides of the aid debate and the way forward

In 2019, the developed world sent almost 156 billion dollars on foreign aid to developing countries. However, the debate around aid is fierce. For some this is not enough to ignite development, for others it is a poison trapping these countries in poverty. What is the way forward?

Why do People Migrate Irregularly? Evidence from a Lab in the Field Experiment in West Africa

Under the theme of Economic Development in Africa, the NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers. This seminar invited Tijan L. Bah, Nova SBE.

Charts of the Month - January '22

The Lykeion author Tim Purcell talks us through the Fed Funds Rate, Yields & Mortgages, The Growth Equation, Sustainability to Impact and Tennis.

Corona, an Economic Virus

As it is noticeable, we have just entered a downturn cycle in the economy. The uncertainty on the markets, the general panic, sudden decrease in consumption,production, and investment are primary presages of dark economic times, and it is up to all of us to prepare for the upcoming storm. The next months won’t be easy, and irreversible economic losses have already contributed to an impending feasible collapse in the global economy.


Zona de Impacto: Mentalities evolved; however, women are still discriminated in the job market. Why?

Statistics are known. Women have a higher qualification rate than men, but they receive less (for the same jobs) and are more precarious. When it is time to reach roles of responsibility, they have a harder life (and, as the companies get bigger, the worse it is). The topic is old, solutions take a long time to produce effects, and this worries the youth. Marta Everard and Rita Mendes, students at NovaSBE and members of the club Women on Board, explain how they perceive their labor’s future

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