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November 16, 2022
8. Decent work and economic growth

8. Decent work and economic growth

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

The Impact of IRC in the Portuguese Economy

Nova SBE Economics for Policy Knowledge Center's research project contributes to the analysis of the impact that the tax system and its changes have on the Portuguese economic, social, and legal reality.

This project contributes to the analysis of the impact that the tax system and its changes have on the Portuguese economic, social, and legal reality. The conceptual framework in which the analysis is developed will be centered on the QUEST model, developed by the European Commission, but which will have to be adjusted and developed to reflect the reality under study, so this project will also contribute to the development of the QUEST model for the study of more detailed fiscal policies.

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Nova SBE Economics for Policy Knowledge Center

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Reforming local governance: fiscal federalism and political accountability

In her PhD thesis, Ana Catarina Alvarez explores three reforms implemented in Portugal to obtain causal inference about the manifold impacts of the rules that shape local government behavior.

Behavioral economics in action: the role of behavioral units in politics

In this era of social networks, communication has reached new levels of virality. The Network of Networks - the Internet - has facilitated the creation of a new status quo: from governments and businesses to common citizens, each piece of information inserted and shared in the Web has the potential (given some very small probability factors) to become viral.

Corona, an Economic Virus

As it is noticeable, we have just entered a downturn cycle in the economy. The uncertainty on the markets, the general panic, sudden decrease in consumption,production, and investment are primary presages of dark economic times, and it is up to all of us to prepare for the upcoming storm. The next months won’t be easy, and irreversible economic losses have already contributed to an impending feasible collapse in the global economy.

Extreme temperature and extreme violence: Evidence from Russia

How do extreme temperatures affect violent mortality? This research looks at regional panel data from Russia to address this question.


Peak performance: Kilimanjaro leadership quest

In September 2023, Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) made history as 16 faculty and staff members embarked on an extraordinary journey — the Kilimanjaro Leadership Quest. This ambitious project saw the team conquer Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, imparting invaluable leadership, teamwork, and sustainability lessons.

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