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Antonieta Cunha e Sá
Scientific Coordinator of the NOVA SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center and Full Professor at Nova SBE
February 3, 2023
14. Life below water

14. Life below water

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

NovaSBE at the United Nations Ocean Conference

Antonieta Cunha e Sá participated in the United Nations Ocean Conference, where she was a moderator and spoke on Economics, Sustainability and Climate Change

Antonieta Cunha e Sá was a moderator at the Maritime Spatial Planning: tool for sustainable and inclusive economic Development panel at the United Nations Ocean Conference. She was also an invite speaker in the Fórum de Economia | Alterações Climáticas e Economia carried out by Banco de Portugal. In this session, it was intended to bring together a group of elements from civil society, academia, the business sector and public and private entities, to discuss the results of the Banco de Portugal study Climate Change and the Economy: an introduction by Bernardino Adão, António Antunes, Miguel Gouveia, Nuno Lourenço and João Valle e Azevedo. She also attended the AERNA-CE3-UAM webinar where she presented “Crowdfunding vs. Taxes: Does the payment vehicle influence WTP for Ecosystem Services protection?”

Click here to see the powerpoint presented in the session and here to learn more about the United Nations Ocean Conference

Antonieta Cunha e Sá
Scientific Coordinator of the NOVA SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center and Full Professor at Nova SBE

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Dataset from 55 experts engaged in nature conservation in Mozambique

This is a dataset from an online and self-administrated survey with 55 experts aware of conservation policies and incentives under implementation in the Niassa National Reserve (NNR), the largest protected area in the country and third-largest in Africa. Data are provided for public use and can serve as a benchmark for collaboration in order to conduct more comprehensive research or for applications in other fields such as mathematics, statistics, and computation.

MarES - Changing uses and values of marine ecosystem services

MarES recognizes that global changes in climate and human activities may affect the utilization of marine ecosystem services.

ASEBIO - Assessment of the Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Well-being in Portugal

ASEBIO aims to quantify the impacts on Ecosystem services (ES) and trade-offs considering different policy scenarios affecting land cover change (LCC) for 2040. The project will provide a better understanding on the impact of LCC on ES, biodiversity and human well-being.

Impactful Alumni: Meet Diogo Silva

Nova SBE Alumnus, Collaborative Innovation Expert & Impact Storyteller, Climate Change Activist, Global Changemaker, and many more.


Nova SBE at the Youth and Innovation Forum

Daniel Traça participated in the Youth and Innovation Forum at the United Nations Ocean Conference.

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