December 22, 2020

Nova Social Consulting - Student Club

Students involved in Nova Social Consulting (NSC) work closely during for approximately 12 weeks with NGOs and not-for-profit initiatives to support their challenges: bringing in the business skills and acumen from their academic and professional experience, consultants aim to upskill the members of the organization, and provide them with actionable tools to scale their impact.

The type of activities their consultants delivered are focused around four key areas of expertise:

  • Marketing/Communication strategies: for clients like SheCodes or Giving Tuesday Portugal, NSC consultants dove deep into building segmenting and positioning reports for these organisations, helping them define their key beneficiaries and how to reach them.
  • Funding strategies: NSC consultants analyzed the financial situation and business models of several clients - CDI-Recode, Fundação O’Seculo - and developed diversified funding plans and materials (pitch decks) to provide their clients with a strong base to approach identified leads (investors, sponsors, other revenue streams).
  • Impact Measurement: for non-profit organisations like Centro Comunitário da Paróquia de Carcavelos, student consultants developed impact measuring tools (SDG based) to help the organisations identify which groups they serve best, what opportunities might be under served and to communicate effectively to their ecosystem about their work.
  • Business Strategy design and Evaluation: NSC consultants supported organizations that needed to develop or rethink their business model, from clarifying it and validating it to reviewing and strengthening it. NovoNovo and Orquestra Sem Fronteiras benefited from a project in this scope.



"The NSC team has been a true partner, with a very professional and structured approach towards our project. Their enthusiasm for the project made them great team players, with refreshing views and doing all the efforts to bring added value to the project. We hope that this has been the first in a long series of collaborations."

Giving Tuesday Portugal 


"I really enjoyed being a team lead. I feel that it made me grow both in terms of thinking outside-of-the-box to find the best solution for the client as well as in terms of leading the development and execution of ideas within a group and defining responsibilities. I would say that, besides the work within the group, the bi-weekly exchange with the other team leads and my project coordinator helped a lot with that! "

Student Annebelle Fejes

Nova Social Consulting

We empower clients and students to leverage a strong management approach to tackle key societal issues, unleashing the full potential of the Portuguese social sector and developing impact-driven future managers and leaders. We are one of the largests Student Clubs at Nova SBE, with 50+ active Student Consultants, conducting 10+ consulting projects in the Portuguese social sector every semester.

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