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July 16, 2024
11. Sustainable cities and communities

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

12. Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Meet Catarina Ferreira, alumna of Nova SBE and founder of “The Walk”

Catarina Pinto Ferreira recently introduced a new brand to the fashion market: The Walk. Designed by her, it is based on principles promoting sustainability and promising to reduce excessive consumption.

Catarina Pinto Ferreira is an alumna of Nova SBE’s master’s in management who spent a semester in New York, where she studied and did an internship at a public a luxury-focused public relations firm.

This initial experience motivated her to expand her expertise through a buying and merchandising course in London, followed by several years working in consultancy roles. She later held positions at Hugo Boss in Stuttgart and Hamburg before returning to Portugal in 2021 to join the local brand Hey Harper.

Formerly a devoted consumer of fast-fashion brands, Catarina's growing awareness of their environmental impact prompted her transition towards sustainability.This newfound concern inspired her to establish her own clothing line, The Walk. Speaking at a panel discussion on “Crossroads of Innovation in Different Industries” during a Career Fair, February 2021, she outlined her vision to revolutionize wardrobe choices by introducing the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Her goal is to challenge the prevailing notion of monotonous fashion collections by offering high-quality, versatile pieces that encourage mindful consumption.

Reflecting on her diverse professional background, Catarina remarked, “Working across different sectors and company sizes has enriched my understanding of various business domains, proving invaluable in shaping my own venture.” She also credited her Master’s program for providing essential insights into the multifaceted aspects of business and the complexities involved in entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Nova SBE faculty at Annual Conference on Business, Human Rights and the Environment

Alison E. Holm, Assistant Professor at Nova SBE helped to organize the 3rd edition of the Annual Conference on Business, Human Rights and the Environment in which Pedro Oliveira and Miguel Ferreira contributed as speakers in the topic "Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence: From Law to Practice".

The waste of water in the clothing industry.

This paper was hold by students in the following of Global Impact Mindset: UN SDG Module of NOVA SBE. The study will focus on the sixth of seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development goals (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all). As the clothing sector is one of the sectors in the industry that waste (responsible for approximately 20% of industrial water pollution from textile treatment and dyeing (Niinimäki, K., 2020)) and consume the most water (79 trillion litres per year), the research will be undertaken on this industry.

Thirst Project Nova SBE: Newsletter April

This is a quick read (2-3 minutes) on what are the new ways of approaching the fight against thirst not only around the world but also in Thirst Project Nova SBE. Get to know the new projects of this team of more than 20 students of Nova SBE that constantly try to move people into helping in this cause, also know how to help and how scientific innovation is playing a part on this matter.

Why is volunteering so relevant?

Only one in ten Portuguese volunteers. So it is urgent to ask ourselves: does volunteering really matter? Seven lessons learned in ten years help to answer.


Financial Times recognizes Nova SBE as Portugal’s best business school and one of the best in Europe

Nova SBE maintains its position as the top business school in Portugal and is ranked 21st overall in the Financial Times ranking of European Business Schools.

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