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Joana Barba
Program Coordinator at Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub, dedicated to design the best Entrepreneurship Experience in the school. In three years she mentored more than 120 projects, creating and engaging in more than 25 entrepreneurship programs.
November 16, 2022
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Makers in the Making

Makers in the Making is for all the entrepreneurs that aim to accelerate their innovative ideas. Join us!

The Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub is working on campus in its fourth year, experimenting with different programs, everyday side by side with students. As the challenges continue, we will stay true to who we are considering the three biggest lessons we learned. These are presented below; and also our newest program!



This sounds like a cliché, but creativity, critical thinking, the drive to opportunities, resilience, and courage can, in fact, be developed, stimulated, and trained. As long as you are willing to start and be moved by the right purpose and passion, everything else comes by if you just practice, act on it, fail, learn, and do it all over again. With Makers in the Making, we provide you the right tools and personalized support throughout your entrepreneurial journey. 



Learning this can be controversial. However, our experience with startups, and corporate companies, has made us realize that the entrepreneurial mindset and skills are not only essential for those who want to build a business from scratch but also for those who want to thrive by working in a startup, corporation, or any other company. Moreover, the methodologies used in this area strengthen the efficient trial and error process allowing the best solutions to be successfully and rapidly launched in the market. One of Makers' main components in the Making is that it's a pre-acceleration program with experienced mentors and guests that will guide and inspire you in your entrepreneurial journey. If you want to experiment and learn all these methodologies and skills in a practical way, then join in. We have all the tools to help you grow boldly. 



Entrepreneurs identify challenges and transform them into opportunities, whether big or small. Every entrepreneur's initiative is a step towards a more comfortable life, a more sustainable world, more efficient processes, happier customers, more engaged users, less poverty, and suffering. 


Whether the goal is to pursue your own passion/idea or work for someone else, whether you are just starting or are already in the advanced stage of your project, Makers in the Making is the perfect fit for you. It aims to understand your goals and your project's current status and then carefully follow and support your steps while making the best of the entrepreneurial ecosystem inside and outside Nova SBE. This is our test and our ultimate driving force. 


Enroll now, and schedule a conversation with the Entrepreneurship Hub!




Joana Barba
Program Coordinator at Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub, dedicated to design the best Entrepreneurship Experience in the school. In three years she mentored more than 120 projects, creating and engaging in more than 25 entrepreneurship programs.

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