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November 16, 2022
4. Quality education

4. Quality education

Ensure access to inclusive, quality and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Finance PhD Events

Finance PhD Events is an initiative of the Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center and is a natural outcome of our commitment and willingness to serve the profession.

The goal of Finance PhD Events is to support Finance PhD Students throughout their doctoral studies by organizing events that will help them become better researchers and prepare themselves for the academic job market. There are two main events:

Finance PhD Pitch Perfect - Through this event, Finance PhD students will be able to present their raw ideas and receive feedback from assigned Coaches at an earlier stage of their research. Students can submit their ideas until November 20, 2020 within the following areas: Empirical CF; Theoretical CF; Empirical AP; Theoretical AP; Banking/Fintech; Household Finance and Behavioral Finance. The first sessions will be held online on January 29, 2021.

By joining Nova SBE Faculty (Professor Miguel Ferreira, Professor Fernando Anjos and Professor Irem Demirci) and other European Professors as Coaches (Bruno Biais from Toulouse School of Economics; Burton Hollifield from Tepper School of Business; Camelia Kuhnen from UNC Kenan-Flagler; Clemens Sialm from University of Texas at Austin; Heitor Almeida from University of Illinois; João Cocco from London Business School; Norman Schürhoff from Swiss Finance Institute and Richard B. Evans from University of Virginia), Finance PhD Students will have the opportunity to develop their rough ideas into research papers.


Finance PhD Final Countdown - Dedicated to Finance PhD Students that will be on the upcoming job market. Students will present their JMPs and receive more detailed feedback from Coaches at a later stage of their research before submitting their packages. The goal is to help students prepare themselves for the job market and coach them on: How to write an academic paper? How to present a JMP? How to frame the research question? How to answer the questions in a job market seminar?

Finance PhD Final Countdown also aims to facilitate potential collaboration between Coaches and students, as Coaches will advise students about how to come out of the job market successfully and how to produce high-quality publications.

More information about applications and sessions will be available on the webpage soon.

Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center

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Internal Labor Markets, Wage Convergence and Investment

Rui Silva joined Nova SBE as an Assistant Professor in Finance! Recently, he published "Internal labor markets, wage convergence, and investment" in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 56(4), 1192-1227. Click to read the abstract and access the paper.

The Rise of Crowd Funding to Small Business: Dynamic Impacts on Local Credit, Labor Markets, and Investments

Emanuele Rizzo, from the Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center, was granted the Lamfalussy Research Fellowship from the European Central Bank with a research project aiming to assess the impacts of crowdfunding to small businesses on local credit, labor markets and investments.

PhD Series - Meet Fahiz Baba-Yara

Fahiz Baba-Yara started his PhD journey in Economics and Finance in 2015. His research focus on finance, specifically how machine learning models help us make better this decision and how we can improve the forecasting ability of these machine learning models. Fahiz is now heading forward to Indiana University as Assistant Professor from next semester.

The impact of the European funds on impact

Portugal 2020 was (and still is) the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission regarding the amount of European Structural and Investment Funds for 2014-2020. Portugal has received around 25 billion euros in total, of which were invested 150 million euros in ​​social innovation through the Estrutura de Missão Portugal Inovação Social (Portugal Social Innovation Mission Structure).


BOLD Leadership: Nova SBE's Innovative Program for Future Leaders

In an era defined by rapid change and global challenges, the question of what it takes to be an outstanding leader in the 21st century becomes increasingly crucial. Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) has stepped up to address this query with its groundbreaking initiative: BOLD – Be an Outstanding Leader. This senior manager training program not only equips participants with essential skills but also aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16), emphasizing the role of leadership in creating positive societal impact.

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