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Julia Roblick
While finishing my Master's in International Management at Nova SBE, I want to apply what I learned in practice to show that businesses must be used as a force for good in our society.
November 16, 2022
17. Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Evolvia - green & lean consulting

Evolvia offers management consulting that empowers organizations in need to optimize their green and social impact in an innovative way.

Evolvia is a collective of students that challenge the status quo of traditional management consulting.

We developed a new consulting approach that we call "lean & green."It is a combination of SDG-focused management practices and the lean startup approach that many tech-startups use to stay agile and innovative. By doing so,we save a lot of working time and costs. We want to have a positive impact while making consulting fun again!

Since its inception during the Covid-19 lockdown this spring, Evolvia has successfully been working on three projects:

1) The Spoontainable Story: We collaborated with a social enterprise producing edible alternatives to plastic cutlery out of foodwaste. In the fight against so-called 'bioplastics' - which can barely be recycled on the Iberian Peninsula - Evolvia created a holistic business development strategy for Spoontainable's market entry in Spain and Portugal.

SDG: 12


2) The OOMAY Story: Evolvia teamed up with a social startup of two Copenhagen Business School Alumni that produces sustainable textile products, like bed linen based on eucalyptus. "Making returns in E-commerce green and lean" was the challenge that was passed onto the Evolvia team because a high return rate is one of the largest environmental issues in e-commerce. Evolvia developed an innovative returns strategy allowing to handle returned items in a responsible manner and reduce the return rate to a minimum.

SDG: 12


3) The Dar a Måo Story: We are currently collaborating with a Portuguese NGO that focuses on the social inclusion of imprisoned women in the area of Lisbon. To increase their impact, we recruited a marketing intern for the NGO and are working collaboratively on a new communications strategy to raise awareness and improve the attractiveness for potential donors.
SDG: 10


You want to go green & lean?

Contact Evolvia via

Julia Roblick
While finishing my Master's in International Management at Nova SBE, I want to apply what I learned in practice to show that businesses must be used as a force for good in our society.

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