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Filipe Alfaiate
Adjunct Associate Professor at Nova SBE | Senior Expert on Economic Development and Growth, Sustainability
November 16, 2022
1. No poverty

1. No poverty

Eradicate poverty in all its forms everywhere

4. Quality education

Ensure access to inclusive, quality and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Sustainability and Impact Global Series (1): Innovation to Defeat Hidden Hunger

Nova SBE innovating in the teaching of impact and sustainability! A Master's course is inviting students to design and develop podcasts as their final assignment where they apply the theoretical content to a real enterprise solving unmet needs of the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Nova SBE innovating in the teaching of impact and sustainability!  

From climate change, to poverty or gender inequality, enterprises and businesses are now asked to walk the talk- but what can be done? What is being done? The Grad students of Prof. Filipe Alfaiate course “Leading Impact Enterprises in International Development”,  designed and developed podcasts as their final assignment where they applied the course’s content - and the best podcasts are at the centre of this Sustainability and Impact Global Series!  

This first season has eight exciting episodes exploring how some enterprises in Africa are working towards impact and sustainability. We will look into the tools they use, the challenges they face, how they adapt their pricing, marketing, distribution to commercially reach a growing market of more than 2,5 billion people - with a positive impact!


In this episode we will look to the interesting journey of HarvestPlus, a global leader on biofortification (meaning develop food crops that contain more minerals and vitamins) which wants to free the world of hidden hunger suffered by 2 billion people. The research and production of this episode were done by Olivia Suchy, Florian Engels, Marlon Wanders, Sina Distler, Juan Muñoz, Jarmil Vedadi - with the support from Prof. Filipe Alfaiate and the TA Daniela Afonso.

Listen to the Episode 1, by clicking here


Thank you Melissa Schubert, Nova SBE Student, for the podcast illustration.

Thank you MeioTermo for the support in editing the final podcast.

Filipe Alfaiate
Adjunct Associate Professor at Nova SBE | Senior Expert on Economic Development and Growth, Sustainability

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While the state benefits more from industrial than artisanal mining, only artisanal mines increase the consumption of local populations. Read through this research insight, co-authored by Victoire Girard, FCT Researcher at Nova SBE, and Rémi Bazilier, Professor of Economics, Patheon-Sorbonne University.

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Cátia Baptista, Scientific Director of the Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, was asked by TVI24, Expresso and SIC Notícias to comment on the humanitarian crisis in Ceuta, how the phenomenon will likely worsen over the following years, and how Europe must create public mechanisms to allow young people to legally migrate.‍


Partnerships for Progress: The Role of Universities in Achieving the SDGs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This paper was hold by students in the following of Global Impact Mindset: UN SDG Module of NOVA SBE. The article highlights the crucial role of partnerships between universities, governments, and communities in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The article argues that these partnerships can help universities in LMICs to address the challenges of expanding research and academic capacity while maintaining equitable access, promote equitable access to education and research, and design solutions that are responsive to the unique needs and challenges facing these groups. The article also emphasizes that universities in LMICs can act as a bridge between different sectors, facilitating collaboration and cooperation towards the common goal of sustainable development.

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