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Caroline Theoharides
Assistant Professor of Economics, Amherst College
November 16, 2022
3. Good health and well-being

3. Good health and well-being

Ensuring access to quality health and promoting well-being for all, at all ages

Medical Worker Migration and Origin-Country Human Capital: Evidence from U.S. Visa Policy

RESEARCH SEMINAR | Under the the theme Economic Development in Africa, the NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center welcomes Caroline Theoharides, from Amherst College to present her work on medical worker migration and brain drain.


We exploit changes in U.S. visa policies for nurses to measure brain drain versus gain. Combining data on all migrant departures and postsecondary institutions in the Philippines, we show that nursing enrollment and graduation increased substantially in response to greater U.S. demand for nurses. The supply of nursing programs expanded to accommodate this increase. Nurse quality, measured by licensure exam pass rates, declined. Despite this, for each nurse migrant, 10 additional nurses were licensed. New nurses switched from other degree types, but graduated at higher rates than they would have otherwise, thus increasing the human capital stock in the Philippines.

Read the research paper here.

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Caroline Theoharides
Assistant Professor of Economics, Amherst College

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ZONA DE IMPACTO (2): Mental Health is not only our problem, it's also of organizations

Anticipating the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of higher education students, Nova SBE reorganized its student support services. Maria Penas and Mário Vaz, students at Nova SBE, talk about how covid-19 affected their entry into higher education.

Pandemic impacts on access to cross-border medical services (medical tourism)

Faced with treatment unavailability in their countries, patients have historically travelled to USA seeking for help. This movement, known as medical tourism, has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent freezing of borders. Irving Stackpole, gives us an analysis of the variables affecting the medical tourism market and its predictions for the post pandemic period.

The economics of mental health: from risk factors to financing

In her PhD thesis, Maria Ana Matias investigates the economics of mental health focusing on three dimensions: financing and services organisation, medication adherence, and socio-economic determinants.

Entry and price competition in the over-the-counter drug market after deregulation: evidence from Portugal

In the last two decades, many European countries allowed the sale of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs outside pharmacies. This was expected to lower retail prices through increased competition, though evidence of such price reductions is scarce. This study assesses the impact of supermarket and outlet entry in the OTC drug market on OTC prices charged by incumbent pharmacies.


Zona de Impacto: Mentalities evolved; however, women are still discriminated in the job market. Why?

Statistics are known. Women have a higher qualification rate than men, but they receive less (for the same jobs) and are more precarious. When it is time to reach roles of responsibility, they have a harder life (and, as the companies get bigger, the worse it is). The topic is old, solutions take a long time to produce effects, and this worries the youth. Marta Everard and Rita Mendes, students at NovaSBE and members of the club Women on Board, explain how they perceive their labor’s future

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