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Health Economics and Management Knowledge Center
March 17, 2023
17. Partnerships for the goals

17. Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

Knowledge Centers' first annual meeting!

Last September Nova SBE organized the first Annual Meeting of the Knowledge Centers (KCs).

The goal was to foster inter-KCs collaborations, namely, to strengthen international and national research grant applications. The event was open to members of the KCs, core faculty, researchers, and PhD candidates. The one-day meeting included the presentation of the nine KCs —the team, research interests, databases, methodologies, and/or other aspects deemed relevant – and the presentation of ongoing/potential or finished projects that could have a follow-up. The presentations aimed to reflect on potential collaborations with the other KCs. This year edition was organized by Judite Gonçalves, from the Health Economics & Management KC, with the support of the Research & Innovation Funding and the Research Office. The KCs will rotate and each will organize the meeting in the coming years. Nova SBE’s KCs are Data Science KC, Economics for Policy KC, Economics of Education KC, Environmental Economics KC, Finance KC, Health Economics and Management KC, Leadership for Impact KC, NOVAFRICA KC, and the Open & User Innovation KC. We hope this Annual Meeting will bring the KCs closer together and provide a fruitful ground for strong research collaborations.

Health Economics and Management Knowledge Center

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Universities and their role to play

One thing connected the past to the present, and the future, that is knowledge. Thus, universities found their role to play a long time ago.

From NOVAFRICA, Nova SBE to Royal Holloway, University of London!

Read the testimony written by Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center PhD candidate, Inês Vilela, about her experience as a PhD student at Nova SBE NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center

PhD Series - Meet Gefra Fulane PhD Alumni in Tropical Knowledge and Management

Gefra Fulane’s research focuses on evaluating the Mozambique screening program for cervical cancer started in 2015. Her research shows that there are implementations gaps and barriers which prevent women from doing the screening.

BCG Case Challenge

The BCG Case Challenge is a consulting project designed by BCG to solve a specific NGO's problem, in which Nova SBE students work alongside BCG and the clients' teams to develop concepts, analyses, and recommendations. In 2019/20, the chosen organization was Teach for Portugal. Here you will find different testimonials on what it meant to participate in the Challenge, from different stakeholders' perspectives.


The local-for-local open innovation platform Nestlé Hatcher

Our first series dedicated to impact in Africa end with this lively and exciting conversation between Professor Filipe Alfaiate and Mr. João Barreto, the Head of Innovation and PMO at Nestle, based in South Africa. They discussed impact journeys, the BOP market in Africa, opportunities and challenges and in particular, a very interesting local-for-local open innovation platform for all in Africa called Nestlé Hatcher that João designed and launched. Good learnings!

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We all have a role to play

We are on a mission to be a community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the world.

With just ten years to go, an ambitious global effort is underway to deliver the 2030 promise. We want to take a stand and we are calling on our community to showcase how they are contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, whilst influencing more and more people to unravel their role to play.

Here, you will find four different ways your ideas can flourish, dialogue can be enhanced, and action can take place. You can choose one or all four, and Nova SBE will be there to support you all the way and guarantee tangible change.

We all have a role to play, and this is your way in.