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Cláudia Pinhal
Project Manager at Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center
January 5, 2023
10. Reduced inequalities

10. Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequalities within countries and between countries

Bootcamp for Refugee Integration

The Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, in partnership with IES Social Business School and the Municipality of Cascais, organized a bootcamp for refugee integration on July 5-7, 2022. The event engaged beneficiaries and stakeholders that together co-created solutions to the integration needs of Ukrainian refugees in Portugal. The sessions involved understanding the roots of the problem, pitches of the solutions created, and a special guest speaker.

Have a look at the solutions developed and check our gallery to get a feel of the bootcamp!

- Students without borders: A mentoring program to guide students through their academic years and the early stages of their professional life.

- Share: A social app for refugees to access a psychological education program that promotes mental well-being and resilience.  

- Never too late: A website that aggregates all the services available for elderly people to connect with each other, make friends, and build a community.

- Life here and now: An online platform that gathers all information about processing documents for temporary protection and recognition and validation of professional qualifications.

- You have arrived: A roadmap with all the information on what to do upon arrival in Portugal and "how to" videos to easily rebuild a life here.  

A special mention to Azure restaurant that sponsored the coffee breaks of this initiative.

You can check out the photos of the event here!

Cláudia Pinhal
Project Manager at Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center

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